All about Pop-Ups

It’s the gen-next style of taking your business or brand to where your consumers are, using the flash format. India has always had the culture of doing business the pop-up way – be it the enterprising housewife doing a home-exhibition of Lucknowi kurtas or an international cosmetic brand doing free makeovers in a mall– the fundamental concept has taken a new shape in the form of innovative pop-up ideas. When we say flash format we mean setting up a temp space, an experience or a store for certain duration to test markets, create buzz or render a memorable experience to audiences for a certain period of time. Heard of the organic farmers’ market, Flea markets, exhibitions, festivals etc which assemble foodpreneurs, artpreneurs and other entrepreneurs in a pop-up format over a few days? Now that’s what we call doing business, the modern way.

Pop-up stores can come in all shapes and sizes, be it in a retail store, restaurant or a mall. It could be a great way for entrepreneurs to test their idea before they decide to go big. You can even choose to launch something for a week, not get into any long term lease agreements, keep your costs low and test the idea before scaling it up.

The other thing you might like about the idea of Pop-ups is that it brings in an element of ‘surprise’ through unique experiences, something that the Gen Y loves. This is where we,, helps young entrepreneurs find that perfect space and services to host a pop-up and let people interact with their brand in a different way.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs aims to support and empower women. Our goal is to encourage women to tap into their underlying business and entrepreneurial abilities to find self-sufficiency. Today’s woman is almost a ‘Superwoman’, who is not just a homemaker but also wants to pursue her passion of running a side-business and making an extra buck. So whether you are a fashion designer, jewellery designer, accessories designer, tarot reader, saree designer, pastry chef, photographer or an image consultant, we help you find the right place at the right time to pop up at, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Simply register with, click ‘Find a space’ and leave the headache of finding a suitable place to our algorithm.

Plus for those ladies who want to organize any kind of exhibition we can also offer you logistical support so you are left free to manage your business.

To give you a head start, we even offer you a discount on the first two transactions you make with us. After all, we are here to support your passion.

Why should you rent a pop-up option?

The million-dollar question with some million-dollar benefits. The business of retail is dynamic, it’s evolving, it’s changing. It is getting more personal and experiential. You need to be where the buyer is instead of expecting the buyer to come to you. Plus consumers nowadays need the human interaction of a salesperson combined with the big deals of online brands. And a pop-ups offer a cool cocktail of both without the nuisance of lease processes. Plus there are a dozen more benefits we can think of…

Benefits of a pop up store

  • Opportunity to interact with consumers on a one-on-one level to create brand advocacy which creates a memorable experience for the consumer.
  • Instant and increased brand awareness and test marketing
  • Cost effective with time-sharing or space-sharing of real-estate
  • Interactive marketing which is more effective than paying for an ad space
  • Reduced risk while launching new products


Why should I give my space for a Popup business?

Malls can benefit greatly by allocating a dedicated space for Popup Brands, it could help them build a base of long term clients who have tasted success with Popups at their location, plus it gives something new to their shoppers each time, thereby increasing the cool quotient of the Mall. The real estate market is not always booming. While you wait for your retail location to go on long term lease, short-term rentals through Popups is a great way to supplement you income and keep the cash flows going. The other advantage of giving your space for Popup businesses is that you get a higher realization for your property on short-term rentals vis-a-vis long term lease deals. Popups generate a great amount of buzz and PR which improve the profile of your space. If you have a spare room at home, Popups is a great way to monetize that space by hosting Popup brands that suit your style.

Who should go for pop-up options?

Any retail business owner from small scale to multi-million dollar business can go for a pop-up store option.
If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s a list of suggestions on who all can use Popups effectively.

Business / Brand Owners

Whether you are an exhibition owner, a chef, a home grown fashion designer or a national/international brand, we help you find a strategically located space of your own. Irrespective of your industry, we help businesses/brands to hunt for the best possible venues across India to set-up a pop-up store. The choice of venues ranges from retail stores in Malls, High Streets, Department Stores, Shop-in-shop, theatres, hotels, restaurants, art galleries, clubs, large office buildings, existing store premises, office lobbies, airports, railway stations, metro stations, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, sporting events, residential complexes, homes and more.

Space Owners

What we are offering is India’s first and the ultimate platform for renting venues for a pop-up idea. While we take care of the legal paperwork and payments, the owner can achieve maximum leverage through short-term rentals and get maximum value from their venue. Owners of venues like retail stores at malls, art galleries, restaurants, hotels, clubs, large office buildings, unique stand alone venues, shop-in-shop, exhibitions, fair & festivals, airports, railway stations, metro stations, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, sporting events, residential complexes, home owners etc can list their venue, for a pop-up idea.